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Tow dispatching service options

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Weight Your Options

Making the decision to seek “off-site” dispatch services can be difficult. Finding the right one can be daunting. When you have worked hard to build your business, giving up your phones can be terrifying. However when you find the right one, and gain your life back, you may decide it was the best decision you ever made.

Whether you use an overnight dispatcher, answer the phones yourself or forward calls to your drivers phone overnight, there are drawbacks to staffing your own dispatcher 24/7. Paying an employee to stay overnight and answer your phones when they only ring 3 times can be costly, and covering for a sick employee is never fun. When you forward your phones to you or a driver, there is always the risk of losing calls due to being on the other line, on a call, or simply not waking up to the sound of the call.

PDSI is staffed 24/7 with professionals who have experience in one thing- dispatching tow trucks. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of the industry and our dispatchers know they have one goal when answering the phone; to make sure your customer is safe and off the side of the road as quickly as possible.

PDSI Dispatch Service is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Multiple work stations fielding calls on behalf of small to large towing companies, police and fire dispatch. Regardless of weather, a holiday, or time of day, dispatchers are standing by ready to dispatch directly to your drivers.

Benefits: Cost savings. No more paying by the hour, health benefits or scrambling to find coverage when your dispatcher is sick. Freedom! Forward your phones when you want, answer yourself when you want. Be with your family and friends! Go to the movies or get a full night’s sleep. Get all your calls…not just the one your driver feels like answering. Instantly, have multiple dispatchers at your fingertips. Multiple calls coming in at the same time are no longer an issue. Most importantly, keep your drivers safe while on the road.

Drawbacks: Preparation takes time. It takes work on your part to get a service up to speed on how you want things done, and communicating it to them. Most likely, the dispatcher is not sitting in your hometown. Distance can be intimidating. An owner “giving up” his/her phones also means relying on someone else to project their image. This can be scary.

Owners, Dave and Angela Emmons have been serving this industry for a combined 35 years. With our experience, we have found the best ways to avoid the pitfalls usually associated with using an offsite dispatch. The companies we have been serving for years rely on us to run their company when they aren’t there and we take great pride in this responsibility. Our dispatchers are well trained and treat your customers like family, as I’m sure you do. With mapping and information systems at our fingertips, we make sure they have all the information needed to run your account the way you want it
to be run.